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Golf Specialist Mitchy Kierstenson

Thereís no doubt that playing golf is easy....
Well thatís a misconception to start with. Sure itís easy to put a ball on the ground and hit it, but getting it to go where you want it is something completely different.
As a professional golf specialist, letís start with the positives. You can hit the ball which is good, now we need to get the ball airborn and going forward on the line you intend it to go, this is easy also, but only in theory.
Why only theory? well the idea is to get the clubface back to the address position you started at, simple eh!
The only problem is that the clubface will be travelling at some speed and getting the face to the exact same position as at address is a trcik for most people.

Golf Specialist Training

The main thing I concern myself with, as a golf specialist, is to ignore all thoughts of distractions, such as bunkers, trees, water etc and allow my brain to empty itself completely of all distractions, including wind, then allow just the one thought, thatís hitting the ball.
Yes, even at my level I do need to actually hit it. The only thought I have before the take away of the club is making sure Iíve lined myself up to where I want the ball to travel. Sounds easy, well it is. Line yourself up and hit it, thatís all.
Generally, when you ignore all thoughts of in to out, or flat swing or upright swing etc you will probably hit it forward. Allow any other distractions into the brain and you probably wonít.

Part of the training I do as a golf specialist is more on the mindset than the physical stuff. Of course I make sure my pupils, from beginners to professionals can swing the club back & forth on the right plane, but honestly, Iím not too fussed if it moves about a bit because when it comes to the crunch I couldnít care less how the swing looks so long as the ball goes down the intended line on a regular basis.

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Golf Specialist Mitch Kierstenson.
Aka Mitchy, plays on the Seniors Golf Tour and has a wealth of experience playing golf.There is really not many shots in golf Mitchy cannot do, but the main thing in his mind when playing tournaments is to stick to the basics


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